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OK, we'll be honest: We're getting tired of gay athletes. What, you ask? You didn't know of any gay athletes? Well, the only gay athletes that exist, apparently, are those who play obscure sports at tiny universities. (The most only thing wrong with gay athletes is how they inspire every journalist who writes about them to think they're going to win a Pulitzer.)

Anyway, the Dartmouth lacrosse goalie who came out to ESPN's Greg Garber — odd choice, if you ask us — claims this brings us one step closer to a mainstream gay athlete, which seems patently ridiculous. ("Hey, if a butterfly collector from Vermont can come out, my agent will be TOTALLY fine with losing that Nike contract!") The story does have one news peg: An confession from Out editor Brendon Lemon that he is no longer seeing the athlete he once claimed to be dating. They're "still friends."


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