Ricky Williams Slinks Back Into Town

We still can't quite believe running stoner Ricky Williams is really going to play this year. This guy quit football to smoke pot — and hey, we're not gonna mock him for that; the only difference between him and a lot of our friends is that he actually had a job to quit — and left all his teammates (and soon-to-be-fired coach) sleepwalking into a terrible season. We didn't really blame him too much for that; whatever, man, we're all young, maybe he just didn't want to play football anymore. But we can't quite figure out how he really thinks this comeback is going to work.

Regardless, it's happening: He just showed up in South Beach, where, fortunately, you can never, ever find any drugs. He can't officially return to the Dolphins until July 27, when his one-year suspension ends. We still think Jason Taylor's going to set him on fire the minute he steps in camp.

Williams Returns To South Florida [Palm Beach Post]