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If you are old enough to have watched the NFL back when Brent Musberger, Phillis George and Jimmy the Greek were on "The NFL Today" — and Kevin Nealon's famous SNL mockery of Musberger; "Here on CBSsssssssssss — you will surely remember old Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom. Hogeboom played from 1980-89, backing up Danny White and even once starting a playoff game (a 31-17 loss to the Redskins). No one's thought about him in a while, though longtime football fans remember giggling at his name, pronouned HOOGA-BOOM.

Well, Gary's back; Hogeboom is starring in the next version of "Survivor." He's 47 years old now and a "land developer" in Michigan. The show is currently being filmed in Guatemala. We hope he wears Tom Landry's outfit on the island.

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