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Most of the blogs here are harmless drivel, but occasionally we trip over one that scares us, quite frankly. In reading Down the Left Field Line; Life, Baseball and Eric Byrnes, we felt kind of the same way we did when seeing Fatal Attractionfor the first time. A little sorry for the rabbit and ultimately glad that Glenn Close didn't have our address.

Down the Left Field Line, authored by a woman in her late 40s, is devoted to the Orioles' Eric Byrnes. And when we say devoted, we mean:

"July 30: The Good News: An RBI double his second time up! The Bad News: He got picked off second two minutes later."

"July 31: The team didn't win. Oh well, it's not Byrnesie's fault the White Sox scored 9 runs."

"Aug. 1: Byrnes left 3 on base, 2 in scoring position."

"Aug. 3: With a runner on first and two out, Byrnes looked at a fastball for strike 3. Oh, how I hate called strike 3!"

There's a fine line between blogging and stalking. When your latest entry reminds people of Kathy Bates in Misery , you may have crossed it.

Down the Left Field Line; Life, Baseball and Eric Byrnes [MLB Blogs]