We Hope You Like Joe Morgan

Bad news for those who are driven to murderous rage by the voice of ESPN analyst Joe Morgan: ESPN and Major League Baseball have extended their broacast agreement through 2013. Sunday Night Baseball with Morgan and Jon "Hey, Don't Look At Me, I Don't Know What The Hell He's Talking About Either" Miller continues, and a Monday Night Baseball franchise will include a "live, on-location batting practice special," which hopefully John Kruk will not be invited to. (Oh, just tell him Darren Daulton's somewhere other than the stadium; they'll be too busy making out to notice.)

So anyway, yeah: Joe Morgan's going to be broadcasting for the next eight years, at least. Enjoy that, America.

MLB, ESPN Reach Eight-Year Agreement [MLB.com]
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(By the way, the guy in that picture with Joe is Joey Jam, the self-proclaimed "Entertainer to the Stars." So you know.)