Bear Down, Chicago Bear

Far be it from us to tell starting quarterbacks of first-place NFL teams how to spend their bye week, but we couldn't help but post these pictures — sent to us by a reader — of Bears QB Kyle Orton, at a bar in Iowa City over the long weekend. It was taken on Thursday, hence the Blue Jays-Red Sox game in the background.

Our favorite part is the massive spillage not only down his shirt, but apparently all over his face. Of course, that bottle of Jack is half empty, so we suppose we should just be impressed that he's still standing at all.

Bears QB Orton Plays Poorly In Loss [SF Gate]


(Another photo after the jump.)


Bear Down, Chicago Bear

Bear Down, Chicago Bear

(Big thanks to the anonymous but alert Iowa City bar patron who sent us these pictures. Have any of your own? Email 'em to

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