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OK, everyone and their mother has been sending this to us this morning, so we might as well do something on it. Apparently, Yankees third baseman/lipstick model Alex Rodriguez made the mistake last week of dining at the same restaurant as a blogger (or a friend of a blogger, anyway).

A-Rod was dining with his wife at Mr. Chow's NYC a couple of Saturdays ago, and a woman celebrating her birthday there interrupted their meal to ask for a photograph. A-Rod "huffed and puffed" but, as you can see, did pose for a picture. The woman then went back to her table, and a friend asked if A-Rod was an asshole. The woman said yes, and A-Rod, overhearing this, yelled at them and flipped them off. Hence the post's headline: A-Rod Is An Asshole.


Eh, we don't know. We know we're supposed to think A-Rod is the demon spawn — and we're reminded of his infamous refusal to sign a release so his "Punk'd" appearance could air — but, you know, he did pose for the photo, even if he did "huff and puff" about it. Seems like one of those scenarios where no matter what he did, he was going to come across as an asshole. Which he very well might be, of course, but we have to say, if you came by and bothered us while we were eating, and then called us an asshole after we obliged you, we might be a little annoyed too. Of course, we don't wear lipstick either.

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