Athlete Run-Ins: Matt Leinart's Surprise

These athlete stories, we have to say, they're really getting pretty fun, aren't they? After this morning's Andy Roddick story, we present a story about USC quarterback and co-ed depantser Matt Leinart ... AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE. From Los Angeles' John Bishop:

Last fall, after the Trojans had completed their regular season but before the Orange Bowl or the Heisman Trophy presentation, I was frantically trying to set up an interview with Matt Leinart for our end-of-year sports show. (I was the sports director for our college TV station.) Finally, I tracked him down outside of Heritage Hall one day, away from all of his Sports Information Department handlers.

"Matt," I said, "I wanted to talk to you about sitting down for five minutes or so to talk about the season and the future."
"Okay, sure," he said.
"Okay, I just want to see if Fri....." I continued.
"Hold up," he interrupted.
"?" I wondered.
And the Golden Boy said:

"Dude, we might want to step over there a few feet.... I just farted."

We won't lie to you: We've never liked Matt Leinart more than we do right now.

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