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Deadspin's own A.J. Daulerio comes to us live from Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Here's the first of many dispatches from the field.

Greetings, Spinheads. I m glad to finally be touched down in fair Detroit for this fantastic Super Bowl bonanza. It s nice to see a city so alive, so amped, so dumbfounded by the national attention brought upon it. I ve been here approximately 10 hours and, in every aspect, I can tell I m poised to witness a spectacle unlike any other. As soon as I exited the gate, I was greeted by the overwhelming scent of burittos, which I have a sneaking suspicion may be a metaphor for this whole entire trip. However, it was refreshing to see a car and driver waiting for me — with my name spelled out in phonetic Indian "Ajay Dauleril," no less — plus a portly fellow, who had a striking resemblance to a young Bam Bam Bigelow holding up a sign simply stating "I need tickets." I wanted to speak with him, but he scampered away as soon as he saw a camera, which is a shame, because, alas, I need tickets as well.

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Yes, sadly, there is no huge payoff for this press pass-less, ticketless adventure, other than the fact that I know at some point, I will be attending a Maxim party, interviewing a man who makes football-shaped salamis and, most likely, spending Super Bowl Sunday at a Detroit homeless shelter. Yeah, that s how I roll. I was planning to cover media day, but I m told it s happening right now. I should get on that. Whoops.


But there is one payoff, for you readers: I am equipped with a JVC handheld digital video camera which will enable me to document some short live-action films and send them along to Will. In other words, prepare for lots of shaky, indecipherable footage not having anything to do with the Super Bowl.

In fact, my first foray into "filmmaking" is available today, as I interviewed my driver and asked him probing questions about what he s preparing for this week. The film itself is extremely dark, but you can gather that we are driving in a car and, based on the audio, speaking to the driver. Take special note of the use of titles and Japanese lettering. As you will tell, I m not only teeming with creative energy, but racial sensitivity.

Anyway, it s time to get lost on the way to the Renaissance Center at the Marriot Hotel. What do you think Chuck Klosterman is listening to on his iPod right now? I m guessing Cat Power. Or Dokken.


Hopefully, I shall soon return with a full report, but most likely, I ll only return with a sandwich.