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NBC has bumped Arena Football from the broadcast schedule for a couple of weeks, due to the Winter Olympics. Chances are, for you, it's a lateral move. It's one sporting event you don't care about exchanged for another. But I am not going to shortchange you on your Arena Football news. Because I love you.

New York Dragons 84, Utah Blaze 81. Check out Dragons QB Aaron Garcia's stat line: 24-of-26, 354 yards, 10 TDs, no interceptions. I refuse to believe that he's not better than all non-Pennington QBs who suited up for the Jets this year.


Orlando Predators 47, Philadelphia Soul 33. With backup QB Matt Sauk in for Tony Graziana, Philadelphia fumbled a staggering six center/QB exchanges. I mean, I know it's the Arena League. No one excpects you to be Johnny Unitas. But it would be nice if you could successfully transfer possession of the oblong pigskin between the center and the quarterback. Let's work on that.

Grand Rapids Rampage 66, Los Angeles Avengers 41. Rampage QB Chad Salisbury had six TD passes, getting Grand Rapids their first win of the year. If his career follows the same path of a similarly-named NFL counterpart, he'll seen be irritating the hell out of us as an Arena Football analyst version.