Ali G Hooks You Up

If you're like us, you had only one thought as Sasha Cohen was accepting her figure skating silver medal on Thursday: How would Ali G describe it? Check out Ali G's possible take on Cohen's silver at The Sports Pulse — which includes the line: "Me is not into batty boy bruvers so Johnny Weir stop callin me."

The thought then occurred to us that the CITGO Bassmaster Classic begins tonight. So we went to the Ali G Translator to get his take on bass fishing strategy for the tournament:

da weatha conditions will determine ow anglers fish and it's goin to change day to day. Sightfishin is goin to be a facta, as is pitchin soft plastics and sinkin baits dig a gulf minnow. Soft jerk baits, buzzbaits, possibly even jerkbaits, all of these baits is gonna be a factor. wich one is gonna be the winnin pattern, innit yet to be checked.

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