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Mercifully, it is over. The Nike marketing blitz, the ever-present stubble, the brooding stare designed to say, "Yes, ladies, I am that deep"... all gone. After today, it will probably be a while before we hear the name Bode Miller again. His 2006 Olympic games concluded with a whimper as he straddled a gate early in his run in the slalom and then skied off the course. Bode's Olympics look like this:

Downhill: 5th
Combined: Disqualified
Super-G: Did Not Finish
G. Slalom: 6th
Slalom: Did Not Finish

Highly disappointing. Also, I stumbled upon this earlier on Bode's other website, I'd like to call your attention to the second sentence:

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Now, "Bode on the Bus" was a show about Bode on OLN. But, um... this little tidbit sounds like they're saying something completely different, does it not? Next time, they may want to capitalize "Bode on the Bus," put it in quotes, underline it, do something. Otherwise, people may get the idea that is not a statement about the true nature of sports and competition, but rather an invitation to actually join Bode on a bus for illicit gay sex.


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