You May Have Helped Support Julia Mancuso's Training

Julia Mancuso earned a gold medal in the giant slalom yesterday, and, like many Olympians, she couldn't have done it without the support of her family, particularly her father Ciro Mancuso. "He came over when I was struggling a couple of years ago, arranged to get a car and a trainer in Austria, and also with an apartment. It's been really great to have that kind of support," said Julia.

Generous guy, Ciro Mancuso. But I suppose one can afford to be generous when one once pleaded guilty to running a $120 million marijuana ring that brought about 67 tons of the herb into the United States. And from what I know about the Deadspin audience, I'm guessing that at least a few of you were satisfied Ciro Mancuso customers. They thank you for your patronage.

Julia Mancuso was five years old when Ciro was sent away to do about five years in prison for his business interests. But he got out, and thanks in no small part to you, was able to help his daughter on her quest to win gold.

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