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Here's international soccer superstar David Beckham on helping his son Brooklyn (?) with his homework.

"Their homework is so hard these days. I sat down with Brooklyn the other day — and I was like, 'Victoria, maybe you should do the homework tonight'.

"I think it was maths, actually. It's done totally differently to what I was teached when I was at school, and you know, I was like, 'Oh my God, I can't do this'. Brooklyn was like, 'Please do it with me', and I'm like, 'I'll read your book with you'."

Yeah, help him with his grammar, too, Becks. It would be, like, a shame, if the child wasn't teached grammar properly.


Considering that Brooklyn's parents are a Spice Girl and this dunce, I'm doubting he's in the advanced class. According to the article, a typical problem that a six-year-old child would encounter at this school would be to figure out the amount of change to be given from 50p if someone bought a pencil for 24p and an eraser at 7p. That's what has Beckham befuddled.

And yet, the man is brilliant on the pitch. Perhaps there's still hope for Vince Young.

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