The Dueling Bowden Mug Shots

Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden, once again forgetting that more you talk about trouble you're in, the longer it takes for it to go away, is denying that any domestic dispute preceded his arrest for a DUI last weekend in Miami. (His wife was arrested for domestic abuse as well.)

That's the mugshot photo of Bowden's wife girlfriend/fiancee, "actress" Joy Browning. It's not the most flattering picture, but it's not exactly in Tawny Kitaen country either.

As for Bowden, his arrest surprised few in the baseball community, though one source emphasizes that "he doesn't drink anymore than anybody else in baseball." His job security, we'd think, is rather flimsy.


Bowden's claims that no violence took place before the DUI seems somewhat shaky when you look at his own mugshot photo, which has scratches all around his lip (and is after the jump). Also after the jump, a photo of the Bowdens in happier times, at a charity auction. By "charity auction," we mean "when the Nationals signed Christian Guzman."


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The Dueling Bowden Mug Shots

The Dueling Bowden Mug Shots