Mark Cuban's Relaxation Techniques

Our affection for Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is well-documented, and we certainly don't mean to pile on during what's assuredly a difficult day for him. But nevertheless, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't show off these photos sent to us this morning, supposedly taken last Friday night, the day after the Game 4 blowout win by the Heat. After a tough loss, this seems as good a way as any to unwind. We have no issues with it.

We like the shirt the most. Another photo is after the jump.

(UPDATE: And for the first time, Mark Cuban himself writes in to clarify the situation:


"it was the night before and the girl on my lap is the girlfriend of my buddy. The better news is that the guys and girls we were with were missing so they could go check out jenna jameson. And they all know and are friends of my wife, in case anyone is interested."


Now that we have this Jameson information, we're officially angry with the person who took the photos: They were clearly pointing the camera in the wrong direction.)

Mark Cuban's Relaxation Techniques