OK, so we formally apologize for taking until 10 a.m. today to get to this. It's been a busy morning.

But yes: Eddie Griffin. Ah, Eddie. By now you've certainly heard the news: The Timberwolves center has been nailed with a civil suit claiming he caused a car accident while drunk and masturbating to a porn film. When the arrest was originally made in March, Griffin told the Pioneer Press that the accident happened because "he was reaching for a cell phone that had fallen off his lap." Which is one way to put it.

It's worth noting, by the way, that the accident — and alleged self-fornication — happened in the parking lot of a grocery story at 2:30 in Minneapolis. One would have thought one could be safe self-pleasuring at that time, in that place, in one's vehicle.


But Eddie Griffin forgot one thing.

Eddie Griffin Needs To Mind His Surroundings


Griffin Hit With Civil Suit [Pioneer Press]

(UPDATE: WCCO-TV has video of the incident. Yahoo!)