Welcome, All Chorizos!

If you want to know why we love doing this site more than we've loved doing just about anything else in our lives, here's a good reason: We get to treat the addition of a new racing sausage in Milwaukee has one of the biggest stories of the day. Because IT IS!

The Milwaukee Brewers, host of the world-famous, deadly serious Sausage Race, are adding a Chorizo as the fifth racing sausage in the nightly race at Miller Park. The Chorizo "will be adorned with a sombrero and decked out in red, green and white and will be formally introduced on Thursday at a press conference at Miller Park." You see, a sentence like that just makes a man happy.

The Chorizo joins Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish and Italian in the race and is seen as a way for the Brewers to boost their standing among the Latino community, though it's definitely going to hurt them with Lou Dobbs.


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