Allen Iverson's Mom Set To Revolutionize The ABA

Ann Iverson, mother of NBA superstar Allen, has become the owner of an ABA franchise. Richmond will be the city, and there's not a nickname yet, though "Iversons" or "Answers" might be a good bet.

If you're not familiar with Ann Iverson, you probably haven't watched a Sixers game in a while. This ABA franchise will not lack for enthusiasm from the front office. At Sixers games, she's the one in the front row, wearing an Iverson jersey and carrying some glitter-encrusted sign that indicates the joy that her baby brings her. She doesn't make herself difficult to notice.

Which raises an interesting question. If Ann attends a Richmond Iversons game, does she wear an Iverson jersey, or does she wear a Richmond jersey? If she opts for the ABA year, it might be the first time she's been seen in public in anything other than an Iverson jersey. I wonder if she'll petition the league to let every player wear the #3. Other Ann Iverson tidbits:


- Had another son recently, and named him "Mister Allen Iverson."
- Claims that she did not have sex on the night Allen Iverson was conceived.
- Is rumored to have bought a new SUV when she couldn't find hers in an airport parking lot

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