Devotion To The Buckeye Lego Cause

In case you weren't thrilled enough about this Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan, No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup, we present you with an Ohio State fan who has expressed his devotion to the cause in the best way possible: Through Legos.

He has several pictures of this in an email creator Jim Stricker has sent around — though, strangely, there's no official site to extol the virtues — and he tells the story of its creation.

Here it is after 2+ years of work. It is a 1:275 (approximate) scale model of Ohio Stadium, built entirely with Legos. The project commenced in July 2002 and was finally completed in October 2004. I have no idea on how many thousands of pieces are in the model (it would be nearly impossible to count without dismantling), but can say that it weighs around 38 pounds, not including the plywood base. The footprint is 36 1/2" x 46 1/2" and stands 10" tall. I devoted around 2000 hours of my time, which includes activities needed to research, locate and purchase the pieces, planning, layout, assembly, disassembly, and much trial and error. The stadium was constructed in sections to facilitate moving in the future.


A larger picture of this is after the jump. We are officially impressed and still backing out of the room, slowly, hands in air.


Devotion To The Buckeye Lego Cause