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Gilbert Arenas is a fountain of awesomeness that will never run dry. The latest dip into his well of creative genius brings us a phrase that will surely sweep the nation. Whenever Gilbert puts up a shot that he feels like is going in (which is all of them), he yells ... well, let's let Caron Butler explain.

"He says it every time he shoots. Everybody hears it - whenever Gilbert talks, everybody hears. He really was screaming it this morning in the shootaround, so 'hibachi' it is. He's on fire, so 'hibachi."'

That's just brilliant. I could dedicate the next week of my life to trying to come up with something to yell when I take a jumpshot, and I couldn't come up with anything as cool as "Hibachi!" Gilbert explains:

"You know, a hibachi grill gets real hot. That's what my shot's like, so I've been calling it that: 'Welcome to the hibachi."'

SportsCenter anchors ... do your thing.

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