We Wish We Had Relatives Like This

Saying goodbye to Josh Hancock.
The Bermanator!
Adam Morrison, raging against the machine.
The Seventh Floor Crew is now getting paid.
Joe Thomas' aunt rules.
• Why do we still pay attention to George Steinbrenner?
• Yes, we have a Comment Ombudsman column.
• Mike Vick ... don't you ever change.
Barbaro's interpretive dance.
• Bruce Willis loves being in Canada.
• Careful where you get your Cardinals tattoos.
• Maybe this is why Brady Quinn fell in the draft.
• Someone wants to steal ESPN Mobile phones.

After that game last night, we are going to take a long nap now. The Mighty MJD will be with you all weekend while we're shooting mint juleps and enjoying a gorgeous weekend in New York City. We're just a week away from the Chicago Deadspin Pants Party, so keep an eye out for that, but for now, it is time to rest. See you Monday.