Worst "Date With Alyssa Milano" Ever

Brad Penny. Carl Pavano. Barry Zito. Would you like to join this illustrious list of baseball players who have reportedly dated Alyssa Milano? Consider that for a second:

On the one hand: You get to date Alyssa Milano. On the other hand: You get Carl Pavano's sloppy seconds. (Zito or Penny's slops? Perhaps your buddies will even respect you more. But Pavano? Yeesh.)

Anyway, MLB.com is running a contest featuring their lead blogger, Alyssa Milano, and you could win a date with Alyssa! (No, wait: Let's check out the fine print...)


What the...?! You get the "opportunity" to "meet" her at a game. (And you have to provide your own transportation!) Perhaps I can say this because I'm married, but it doesn't sound like it's worth the effort. (Now, with one of the Ladies...?)

Let me clarify: They're not selling the contest as "win a date," and god knows the "prize" ain't close to a date. You're closer to a "date" with Alyssa Milano with your Internet connection and closed blinds.
— D.S.


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