Lil Romeo, Undersized, Shoot-First Point Guard

We've already shared with you our joy that Michael Jordan's son is going to be playing for our Illini this season. He's not all that good, but he's not costing a scholarship, and it'll make sure his dad impregnates a few co-eds. It'll be fun.

It won't be quite as enjoyable for USC fans, but it's still worthy of a few extra glances in the Trojans' direction: Lil Romeo is now officially playing for USC this year. Well, "playing" maybe isn't the right word: Even his old teammates don't think he'll be very good.

"Being in front of his dad and his posse, if you will, seemed to add to him playing a little more selfishly," Park said. "Sometimes, it would be better if he passed the ball a little more. Other times, he'll try to do a little extra going to the basket when two points is two points. I think he needs to get that out of his system and focus on the game instead of what the crowd is telling him. ... A lot of my friends doubt he can be a Pac-10 player," Park said. "He can't really take over a game and doesn't have Division-I level skills yet. But he looks better every time he comes to play. As of right now, I don't see him prospering at the next level."

You know, in the old days of hip-hop, that would have gotten you shot. Now? Well, now you just don't get to sit in the luxury box.


Look Out USC, Lil' Romeo Is Coming To Campus [Lion In Oil]