In the most bizarre, bewildering, ultimately disappointing — we'd much rather see Missouri vs. West Virginia in the title game than Ohio State vs. LSU; we admit it — there's only one team that has done nothing but provide unadulterated joy to its fans all season long: The Hawaii Rainbows. (Or Rainbow Warriors. Whatever.)

For fun, we like to check out this fan site, which is pretty much an explosion of mirth somehow transmitted to a Blogspot page. Everyone just looks like they're having such a good time; maybe life is better in Hawaii!


Shanoff brought this up earlier in the week, but what if Hawaii destroyed Georgia in the Sugar Bowl? It's not likely to happen, but if they did, and the BCS title game was a turgid, ugly, uninspiring affair ... couldn't you make a legitimate case for Hawaii to be the national champion? Maybe? Please? We love our potential BCS champion Rainbows.

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