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I hope you enjoyed that first half, because I sure as shit didn't. The Redskins punted the ball at a breakneck pace and once Seattle got on the board their offense began to slow down. Then at the very end of the half master timekeeper Mike Holmgren decided he didn't want to leave any of his timeouts unused. But finally we're back and we're ready to go for the second half. The Redskins need to run the damn ball and get on the board, from there the game should open up a bit. However, their first task will be stopping the Seahawks on their opening drive. Join along with the fun after the jump for updates...

Third Quarter

-Well the first mission is accomplished, Redskins ball and they even start on the ground to Portis.


-Collinsworth says that the Seattle front seven is "whipping" the Redskins and there's "no other way" to describe it. Odd, the word "lashing" comes to mind, but that's just me. CC is a football expert, but bloggers are experts of linguistimics.

-It should go without saying that Washington punted back to Seattle.


-Oh fuck, Tom Cruise is in the building. This explains so much. Go away bad man, and take your evil mojo with you!

-Springs just got torched by Hackett. I've seen this movie before!

-Thankfully for me, and the unbiased viewing audience, the Redskins D remained stout and held the Seahawks to a field goal. My man Smoot tried to bury the crown of his helmet in The Hass' hip. I love it.

-COOOOOOOOOLEY with the single pawed catch for a big first down. There's still plenty of time to make this a game, guys.

-Cooley (or "Cooney" to Tom Hammond) shrugs off a safety on an underneath route and picks up another first round. The Redskins have an actual drive going here.

-fourth down


-Typically the red zone offense consists of two primary plays: run left to Portis or a classic button-hook to Cooley.

-The forgotten third primary play: the near interception


-TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS! Antwaan Randle El from Todd Collins. Oh the beauty of it all!

Seattle 13 - 7 Washington

-We've got a... ... ballgame? Yes!


-Portis picks up nine yards on first down and now they're talking about ghosts or something, I was just contemplating the loss of Sean Taylor in my own personal way.

-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TOUCHDOWN SANTANA MOSS! With an apparent assist to Sean Taylor's angel. We'll have to check with Elias for the official scoring on that one.

Washington 14 - 13 Seattle

-Oh yeah, the touchdown, beautiful pass over the top, nice and soft for Santana's delicate hands. Those puppies don't even go near dish soap.


-I just had this conversation with Brian of Awful Announcing on GChat...
me: oh my god
Awful: i can't talk
oh my god
i can't breath
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awful: afs;odjfa;sdlkfjas;dlfkjasd;lfkj...
me: whwhahawiehfoawihefoa.....
Awful: holy fucking shit
video coming
me: amazing
Awful: Sean Taylor was blowing that shit

-Yep, this is quality journalism.

-Missed field goal. God hates us again...C'est la vie


-The Redskins couldn't keep the momentum going, now they'll punt back to Seattle.

-Wind or no, that could have been a bit better.

-Shawn Springs is having his worst day of the season (on-field of course). He got beat like a rug.

-TOUCHDOWN DJ HACKETT! He was wide open in single coverage against Pierson Prioleau.

-TWO PT CONVERSION is GOOD to Marcus Pollard.

Seattle 21 - 14 Washington

-Now we've got a serious game. Eight minutes left in the fourth.

-That was just a great drive by The Hass, gotta give credit where it's due. That's a huge touchdown.

-Monster return by Rock Cartright, the finest two-way special teams player in the league.

-PICK SIX, MARCUS TRUFANT! 78 yards on that return. There isn't enough liquor in the entire world right now. What a fucking awful play.

Seattle 28 - 14 Washinton

-Collins gets sacked again; I grow weary.

-Clinton just landed hard on his knee; I grow nauseous.

-Huge catch by Santana Moss! He climbed the ladder on that like one of Jason Campbell's rookie throws.

-Fourth down to keep the game going...incomplete, and with 2:41 to go I'm calling it for Seattle. I'll be back later for the Steelers and Jags, hopefully the site will be updating by then.

Seattle 28 - 14 Washington