Mayweather Practically Unbeatable When Armed With Metal Furniture

Remember the good old days, when boxers waited until they were old and washed up before turning up on the professional wrestling circuit? Of course then you don't make $20 million just for showing up, as Floyd Mayweather did on Sunday at WrestleMania XXIV in a completely legitimate not-at-all scripted battle with The Big Show. Judging by the following paragraph, a fun time was had by all:

Mayweather came back to the ring — with Wight's assistance — after an early onslaught, then used some help from his cornermen to get a metal folding chair (with which he landed a series of shots) and a pair of brass knuckles (which he snatched off a fallen cornerman's necklace).

Still less cheating than a typical Tyson fight.

Mayweather "won" the match, but here are the statistics that interested me: Attendance 74,635, WWE-record live gate at Orlando's Citrus Bowl of $5.85 million. And no telling how much pay-per-view revenue. Jesus, WWE; don't give Selig any ideas.


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