There is possibly no one on earth who is sorrier than Carmelo Anthony right now; his DUI arrest on Monday has placed him in a state of regret that can actually be seen from space. Call it the Great Wall of Remorse. We just couldn't ignore it here at Who's Sorry Now. Here's his statement, found on the Melo Blog:

I want to apologize to my family, fans and the Denver Nuggets organization for my actions early Monday morning. As a leader, I know they expect a lot from me and I regret putting myself in this situation. I also want to apologize to my teammates for the distraction this has caused. My attorneys have asked that I not comment further, however I will continue to cooperate with all parties involved.

Which generated several replies in his comments section. A sampling:



"I have 2 DUIs, it is embarrassing to say the least." — Stickman

"haha holy guilt trip lol" — The Hall star

"Hey man, I celebrated after the Sunday game too, but after the bidn'ss of driving was over with. Got to take care of you bidn'ss 1st a'ight. =)" — genuinearticle


"i'm only 13 and you set a horrible example. Win the Finals and good luck!" — UGAdawg52

Well, now on to our other bidn'ss. More in the week of horrifying regret:


• "Sorry for partying until the wee hours the night before we were eliminated from the playoffs." — Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson

• "Sorry you thought I had already retired five years ago." — Steve McNair

• "Sorry; I thought I could squeeze it through there." — High school bus driver

• "Sorry for making you throw up. But they make great placemats!" — Spanish moms


• "Sorry my hat makes such a tempting target for snowballs and frisbees." — His Holiness The Pope


• "I regret nothiinnnnnnnggggggg!" — Isiah

Carmelo Anthony Absolutely Unequivocally Bombed Out Of His Mind Say Cops [Deadspin]