Kara Spak is a reporter for Chicago's Sun-Times, but she turned a September Jeopardy! appearance into a side career when she won five straight games and pocketed $85,401. The feat earned her an appearance on tonight's episode of the always-popular "Tournament of Champions," and this answer in the Jeopardy round category of "Group Countdown" left that smarmy asshole Alex Trebek insinuating she was a slut.

In her defense, the seed was planted when the contestant who chose the category and dollar value ($600) said it in that Jeopardy-douche abbreviated manner of "Group, Six." Which sounds a hell of a lot like "Group Sex." Plus, you just know Trebek's lying about his sexual history. No man wears a mustache as long as he did without engaging in a little polyamory.

h/t to Joe.