It's Possible Some Bay-To-Breakers Participants May Be Gay

The main reason I no longer attend the San Francisco Bay to Breakers Race; someone has turned the freak dial way too high. Although, I should point out that the group pictured here actually ended up winning the race, beating a Kenyan runner by 22 seconds (may not be true). And while this photo may be glorious/horrifying, it was not the most objectionable sight on Sunday. Not by far:

It's Possible Some Bay-To-Breakers Participants May Be Gay

When deciding whether to check out this year's race moving carnival, the deal breaker for me was the many naked male runners who usually accent the 7.46-mile course with their flopping extremities and pasty whiteness.


The bright sunshine turned to fog around Ashbury Street, but it didn't dampen many spirits — except, perhaps, those of a few of the naked men, who nevertheless soldiered on. One of the nudists, who identified himself only as Jack, was, by all indications, downcast during the post-party celebration at the Polo Grounds, where an icy wind joined the fog. He had by this time wrapped his manhood in a sock.

The winner of the actual race? John Korir, a Kenyan who clocked 34:28 for the 12-kilometer run from Howard and Beale streets to the Great Highway. He won $32,000, which was slightly more than this guy received.

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