Yep, just your run of the mill, guy goes golfing with a 22 year old NBA player who went to the league straight from high school and hits a hole-in-one story. Our epic tale begins when our narrator, Mike Wolf, and his neighbor head out to the public course and find out that J.R. Smith has been assigned to their foursome. First goal of the round? Make J.R. comfortable of course. How? "To break the ice, I announced to the group that anyone who pars a par 3, birdies a 4 or eagles a 5 has to raise their hands with three fingers aloft in the JR salute." It gets better from there. What happens when our author nails a hole-in-one from 190 yards with his 5 wood? Here goes.

"Yo! Yo!" yelled J.R. running straight at me. He jumped slightly and extended a true NBA-style chest bump. After 16 years of playing golf I had just hit my very first hole in one. And received my first chest bump from an NBA player. It didn't really matter what happened the rest of the round. "That's the best shot I've ever seen," said Smith, a man I was beginning to realize was very misunderstood. He was a true gentleman.

So when you get a hole-in-one you automatically see everyone around you in the best possible light? It's nice to know what it feels like since none of us have ever had a hole-in-one. Hole in one with J.R. Smith an omen for Nuggets fortunes?