Zambrano's Occupied Mind, the Mets Un-Collapse, and We Go Brawlin' • Carlos's previous outing ended in spectacular glory ; this one not so much. Zambrano, having flown back from Venezuela after the passing of his grandmother earlier in the week, was shellacked by the Cards to the tune of eight runs and six hits. He didn't make it past the second inning, and the Cubs went down 12-6. The Wrigley faithful will have to wait a wee bit longer to celebrate their team's division title. The emotional Zambrano had a somewhat testy exchange with his manager when he got yanked from the game, but seemed to have realized the error of his ways when the talking to the press afterward: “That was stupid,” Zambrano said. “I have too (many) things on my mind. I apologize to Lou.” • Don't look now but the NY Mets are on a three-game winning streak and have regained the lead in the NL East, thanks in part to the Phillies' loss against the Marlins. Also, with the Brew Crew continuing their September slide, this time falling on their face against Cincinnati, the Mets also won a coin flip to decide who'd get to host the heart-wrenching event that is otherwise known as the wild card tiebraker game should it be needed. • Fists flew in Cleveland, as a brawl broke out in the seventh inning between the Indians and Tigers. The fun began when Fausto Carmona hit Gary Sheffield in the elbow with a pitch. Sheffield, though, didn't charge the pitcher until Carmona tried to pick him off at first base. Things did not end well for Sheff (who was among those ejected from the contest), as Carmona got him in a headlock and went Nolan Ryan on his bald dome. When the dust cleared, Jamey Carroll hit a game-winning single for the Indians.