Madonna, A-Rod Reportedly Now Allowed to Touch Each Other's Private Parts Without Consequence Well, this was inevitable. Now that she's officially divorcing her husband Guy Ritchie, the news resurfaces that over-striated singer Madonna is once again possibly doinking Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez. (*kazoo sound*) To the celebrity gossip-mongering! Newsday's blog, The Final Score , begrudgingly passes along the news via US magazine which had this to say about the alleged unholy union:

As Madonna announces her divorce from husband Guy Ritchie, a source close to the singer tells she and the New York Yankees slugger "are definitely romantic." "Guy is not involved in this equation," the insider tells "With or without A-Rod, Madonna and Guy haven't been 'together' for over a year - they have been privately separated. Madonna, however, wanted to finish her world tour before divorcing." An A-Rod source tells Us, "A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever." "Alex has really missed spending time with Madonna. However, he understands the position Madonna's in."
And E! News says that A-Rod has been "lying low" to avoid any connection to the split. But he won't let these pesky rumors get in the way of his Kabbalah training . Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance. Source: A-Rod and Madonna Are "Definitely Romantic" [Us Magazine]