T.O. Gave the G-Men Extra Motivation Today • Dallas @ NY Giants : When the G-Men arrived at their lockers today, they reportedly found a box full of "I love me some me" T-shirts courtesy of Terrell Owens . The result, thus far, is a 14-point Giants lead in the fourth, and Owens has been held to only 30 yards on the day (though, he does have a TD.) (Update: Derrick Ward just scored a rushing touchdown for the Giants, increasing the lead to 35-14. Still loving yourself, Terrell?) • Miami @ Denver: This was one of the better games on the day, but Ronnie Brown doesn't seem to be in the mood for any miracle finishes. Brown punched in a score with a shade over 3 minutes to go, giving the Dolphins a 9-point lead. • Philly @ Seattle: Unless there's a complete meltdown late in the fourth, the Eagles should get their fifth win of the year in Seattle. Donovan McNabb has torched the Seahawks defense for over 300 yards, and thrown a couple of TD's. 23-7 for Philly. • Atlanta @ Oakland: The kind of game one watches closely if they have a serious, debilitating gambling problem. Nevertheless, the final score is 24-0 in favor of the Falcons. (Image source )