Afternoon Blogdome: The Burning Of Washington wants to eat your emails for breakfast.

Out Any Time: Some Redskins fans got a nice treat after leaving the stadium on Monday night—a burned-out husk of smoldering metal that used to be their car. At least you can't forget where you parked. [DC Sports Blog ]• Pitchers report when?: How much do you miss baseball? Enough to start dreaming about rookies who probably won't help your team next year? [Walk Off Walk ] • What about downhill trampoline?: Glacier Surfing: When jumping into shark-infested coral reef waters just isn't insane enough. [Part Mule ] Look out, California Raisin Bowl: This is really good math, but why would anyone want every single ACC team to be bowl eligible? Isn't one bad enough? [Digital Head Butt ] • All-Adequate Team: Meet college football coaches who have done just barely enough to not get fired this time. [Examiner ]