Time For 2008 SHOTY Nominations The time has come, ladies and gentlefolk. (We're actually starting a little bit late.) The 2008 Sportshuman Of The Year awards are about to grace you with their presence, and, as always , we need your nominations over here. This is the third annual SHOTY tournament. The first winner died , and the second one may have tried to kill himself, maybe . So it's quite the honor. The voting itself will begin next Monday, but, as always, we ask for your nominations for the 16-human bracket. (In the comments, or emailing me, Mr. Emeritus, at will@deadspin.com .) Pairings, and Mr. Jim Cooke's arty brilliance, will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting planet then. So hit it up. SHOTY 2008 Fever ... CATCH IT.