Dissing Randy Moss, 68-Yard Field Goal Attempt, And NFL In 3D?Al Davis As You've Never Seen Him Before . Just when you thought you could barely stand these teams in two dimensions, the NFL has announced that the Dec. 4 game between the Chargers and Raiders will be broadcast live in 3D to theaters in Los Angeles, New York and Boston. The three screenings — for NFL and consumer electronics executives only — are a "preliminary step" toward what could be regular 3-D broadcasts throughout the NFL schedule. [Wall Street Journal ] • Randy Moss Has A Chip On His Shoulder. Odd . "I don't know why coach disrespected me like that, but I'm who I am, and I love to do what I do. And anytime I feel disrespected then I want to get out there and make it happen. And I think they disrespected me today by only playing me single coverage." • Is That What's Supposed To Happen? Arizona Cardinals' Neil Rackers attempts a 68-yard free kick field goal against he Giants. Wackiness ensues. [New York Times ]