Dissing Randy Moss, 68-Yard Field Goal Attempt, And NFL In 3D?Al Davis As You've Never Seen Him Before. Just when you thought you could barely stand these teams in two dimensions, the NFL has announced that the Dec. 4 game between the Chargers and Raiders will be broadcast live in 3D to theaters in Los Angeles, New York and Boston. The three screenings — for NFL and consumer electronics executives only — are a "preliminary step" toward what could be regular 3-D broadcasts throughout the NFL schedule. [Wall Street Journal] • Randy Moss Has A Chip On His Shoulder. Odd. "I don't know why coach disrespected me like that, but I'm who I am, and I love to do what I do. And anytime I feel disrespected then I want to get out there and make it happen. And I think they disrespected me today by only playing me single coverage." • Is That What's Supposed To Happen? Arizona Cardinals' Neil Rackers attempts a 68-yard free kick field goal against he Giants. Wackiness ensues. [New York Times]