In his debut for Syracuse this afternoon, QB Greg Paulus threw a fatal interception in OT that cost his team the game. Luckily for the Orange, they've got a couple of spare guns on their defensive line.

Pictured is Mikhail Marinovich, current defensive end for Syracuse, younger brother of the perenially-down-on-his-luck former Robo QB, and aspiring male model (site semi-NSFW, with uncomfortable levels of chiseled guys in their underwear). Mikhail is interested in getting into the business because he just "recently discovered that [he] had a gift for it." I'm not sure exactly how that happens, but I bet there's a Ouija Board involved.


If any of you are professional photographers in California, or are just looking for an opportunity to take pictures of a guy wearing nothing more than a winter coat, feel free to drop him a line. And if you're reading, Mikhail, might I be so bold as to make a suggestion?

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