Sun-Times reporter Joe Cowley is a homer in a city of media homers. But his Twitterrhea explosion last night against the Twins and their fans was something else. Stereotypes about being ugly? Calling players jag-offs? Mocking the dead? Check, check and double-check.

Cowley has a history of this sort of thing. He once called Canada a third world country, and refused to stand for the Canadian National Anthem at a Blue Jays game in Toronto. He's also been suspended from the BBWAA for his "embarrassing" MVP votes on multiple occasions.

But his stream during last night's Sox/Twins game, continuing into today, is not to be missed.

So, think someone higher up is going to tell Cowley to cool it? Hopefully not, because we were heretofore unaware that anyone in the world had a grudge against harmless Minnesotans.