Todd Haley Might Not Get Paid

Earlier in the week, Arizona Radio guy, Mike Jurecki, reported that he was "hearing" that Kansas City would not be paying Todd Haley's final contract year for "cause" (read: supreme asshole-ery). Haley, if you'll recall, was dumped by the Chiefs earlier this year. Despite winning the AFC West in his second year, the Chiefs never really played up to a level that would allow one to overlook his supreme asshole-ery. Haley would later claim the team was tampering with his phone.

The Chiefs, although they have given the standard "no-comment" response, are essentially saying that Haley was such a giant asshole that they are willing to breach the contract with him (by not paying the final year) because there's no way the League will side with Haley when/if he files a grievance.

Chiefs refusing to pay Haley?