Mitt Romney Thinks The "Greatest Athlete" Of The 20th Century Was Jack Nicklaus, Who Was Not The Greatest Athlete Of The 20th Century

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus was in Ohio today campaigning for Mitt Romney, who long ago sewed up the crucial Jim Nantz Vote. And here's what Romney said:

Just for reference, Nicklaus ranked ninth on ESPN's SportsCentury list, behind Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzky, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, and Willie Mays.

I now leave you to debate the finer points of Romney's assertion in a calm, rational manner. Just kidding. GOLF POFLAWA! Romney is out of touch! Walking a golf course is harder than you think! DEADSPIN IS A FILTHY HAVEN OF LIBERAL CROSS-SODOMY! GO GO GO.