Live Shark Falls Out Of Sky Onto Golf Course

"Honestly, this is the weirdest thing that's happened here," the course director said, and we very much hope that's true.

On Monday, a two-foot leopard shark fell from the heavens onto the 12th tee box at San Juan Hills Golf Club in California, bloodied but alive. A course marshal picked it up, threw it in the back of his truck, and drove it back to the clubhouse where a cart attendant placed in a bucket of water with some salt. Then it was driven to the ocean and released, only a little worse for wear.

It's most likely the shark was plucked from the waters by a predatory bird, since it had puncture wounds and the Pacific is only four miles away. In olden times, a rain of sharks would have been taken as a harbinger of doom. I think we're safe in taking it the same way.


[Capistrano Dispatch]