The Best Videos Of The Week

A bunch of cows survived a car crash, Tony Parker faked everyone out, A soccer player took a kick to the nuts, Kenneth Faried blew chunks, and a pigeon crashed a football game. Here are the best videos of the week.

The Best Videos Of The Week

You Will Watch This Truck Full Of Cows Crash And You Will Be Mesmerized

You are going to see a gigantic truck full of live cows roll over, and then you're going to see those cows spill out onto the road ever so gingerly before getting up, seemingly unharmed. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Tony Parker Got Everyone To Bite On A Fake Free Throw

The most effective fake is the one when everyone's expecting you to shoot. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Arsenal's Jack Wilshere Took A Studs-Up Boot To The Crotch Yesterday

Gunners star Jack Wilshere entered a world of pain in the first half of Arsenal's match at Reading. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The WeekS

Kenneth Faried Topped Off His Big Game Last Night By Vomiting And Scaring Away His Teammates

Faried somehow stayed in the game and played another two minutes before taking his next breather. Like his intestines, Faried kept right on churning. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Possibly Suicidal Pigeon Refuses To Leave Field During Chiefs-Raiders Game

Eventually, the pigeon is captured and put into a bucket by two members of the grounds crew. We assume that it is currently waddling through a buffalo stampede. Watch »