Fake NBA Team Beats Fake NBA Team For Sad First Win

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2-14 unstoppable suck came up against the Philadelphia 76ers’ 0-18 unmovable wall of shit in Philadelphia Tuesday night. Something had to give, and on this night it was the Lakers, who despite the better record are probably the worse team, and lost 103-91. »29 minutes ago12/01/15 10:44pm


If Police Are Using Reasonable Force, Why Do They Lie About It?

Twenty-four years ago, I watched a police officer shoot a man. It was right outside a supermarket, the Acme Market on Route 40 in Havre de Grace, Maryland. A ferocious thunderstorm had rolled through, all noise and eerie green light, while we were shopping, and the parking lot was still flooded with rain. »Today 6:05pm12/01/15 6:05pm

How To Tell Your Folks You're Not Coming Home For The Holidays 

No matter how old you get, there’s some news that’s hard to break to your parents. Nobody ever wants to trigger another “we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed” situation. The holidays especially hold a lot of emotional weight, so making plans can get complicated, especially when you’ve got ... other plans. And… »Today 3:54pm12/01/15 3:54pm

Here are all the original Star Wars trilogy vehicles to scale

One of our favorite artists, Scott Park, illustrated the spaceships and vehicles in the original Star Wars trilogy to scale and it’s just so good. You get to see how a Stomtrooper compares in size to a Tauntaun to an X-34 Landspeeder to a TIE Fighter to the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star and everything else in… »Today 3:34pm12/01/15 3:34pm

Ben Roethlisberger's Trying Really Hard To Pretend He Doesn't Have A Concussion

Ben Roethlisberger is a resilient guy who will generally try to play through just about any injury, but his brain bouncing off the inside of his skull is a bridge too far. The Steelers quarterback took himself out of Sunday’s game against Seattle, and he’s still suffering the effects. The team’s adamant that… »Today 2:11pm12/01/15 2:11pm