Amazon Just Added a Bunch of New Dash Buttons, and Your First One Is Basically Free

Amazon added 20 new Dash buttons to their lineup this morning, and while you probably don’t need most of them (except the Pop-Tart one, you definitely need that), there may be a few in there that could come in handy around your house. The buttons still cost $5 each, but as an added incentive, you’ll get that $5 back


Jack Chick’s Racing Tract Was As Delightfully, Hatefully Scare-tacular As You’d Expect

Yesterday, a sort of legend died: Jack Chick, wildly prolific maker of tiny, usually unintentionally hilarious evangelical comics, went to go meet his faceless god at the age of 92. Chick made comics warning about the spiritual and real-world dangers of Halloween, Rock and Roll, Catholics, Jews, gay people, pretty…


When Rome Fell, Some Barely Noticed And Some Were Murdered By Rampaging Hordes

The fall of the Roman Empire can mean a lot of different things, depending on precisely where you’re talking about. In some cases, it meant rampaging, marauding barbarians tearing down city walls and running off with the accumulated wealth of generations of prosperous Romans. In other areas, it meant the end of an…