An Interview With Lael Wilcox, the First Woman to Win the Brutal 4,000 Mile Trans Am Bike Race

Last week, Lael Wilcox became the first woman to win the Trans Am Bike Race, a grueling, 4,200-mile slog that takes cyclists from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. In addition to offering no prizes, the race is totally unsupported, meaning the participants are responsible for carrying everything they need—from…


The Tour De France Is Using French Nuclear Tech To Stop Motorized Doping

The professional cycling season stretches from January to October, across every continent, but only one race achieves any kind of crossover into the mainstream sports world. The Tour de France, which starts this weekend at Mont Saint-Michel, accounts for over 80 percent of the annual TV exposure for teams involved,…

Don't Let Two-Factor Text Authentication Lull You Into A False Sense Of Security

Earlier this month, activist DeRay McKesson explained on Twitter that his account had been hacked not because he lacked two-factor authentication—the standard for those who don’t want to get hacked—but because the hackers found a workaround for the text-based system he relied on for security.