Sebastian Vettel Calls F1's New Radio Rules 'Complete Bullshit' 

In response to a rules breach by Nico Rosberg and his team at the British Grand Prix, Formula One did the least logical thing they could—make even more rules, which four-time champion Sebastian Vettel reportedly called “bullshit.” For the sake of foul language in the cockpit, let’s hope he didn’t say it on the radio.


Clinton Courts Crucial Boring Whites Demographic With Kaine VP Nom

Sure, history says this is what was expected. The Democrats have given us Joe Biden, better known for his flubs than his actual oratory execution; Al Gore, whose “look at how hard I am acting like I am hot for my wife” kiss is impossible to forget; and Walter Mondale, whose face I cannot picture at all even as I know…

Wet Roads Had Everyone Falling At The Tour De France

The last summit finish of the 2016 Tour de France came and went, with the general classification race shaken up by a series of crashes more than anything. Chris Froome’s overall lead looked unassailable even before he won yesterday’s time trial, but the rest of the top ten has been a jumbled mess. This morning’s stage…