NFL Loses Corporate Partner For Breast Cancer Awareness Week

It seems that of the toxicity of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson has finally seeped its way into the NFL at large. According to CBS Sports, manufacturing behemoth Procter & Gamble has pulled out of an upcoming partnership with the NFL for Breast Cancer Awareness Week. » 9/19/14 12:47pm Today 12:47pm

Real Madrid President: I'm Stupid, Not Crooked

It's maybe a little disconcerting when the president of the richest club in the world—the brains behind all significant player transfers coming in and out, a man so determined to fulfill his dream of a star-studded lineup that he'll jettison the one player that makes his team work in favor of a bigger name that… » 9/19/14 12:13pm Today 12:13pm

NFL Fans Prove They're Exactly As Stupid As The NFL Thinks They Are

On Monday, ESPN's SportsNation published a poll about the Vikings' reactivation of Adrian Peterson, the sort of reflexive, wallpaperish question more designed to eat up 20 or 30 seconds of the 11 a.m. SportsCenter than to gauge any actual public sentiment. A few days later it published another, asking a question… » 9/19/14 10:10am Today 10:10am

How I Let Go Of My NFL Career

Excerpted from the new epilogue to Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile, now available in paperback. We published an adaptation from the book last year. » 9/19/14 10:00am Today 10:00am

We'll Never See Another Player Quite Like Devin Hester

No one would've blamed you if, before watching him take a reverse to the house and then Prime Time his way to a record-setting 20th return TD last night, you had forgotten that Devin Hester was even in the league at all. It's been a few years since he's done anything notable, but his brief re-emergence last night was… » 9/19/14 9:49am Today 9:49am

Falcons-Buccaneers Highlights, As Called By Wrestling Legend Jim Ross

Atlanta beat Tampa Bay 56-14 tonight in a rout one might charitably call a "slobberknocker." As befitting any time a team gets truly embarrassed on the field of play, we've taken great calls from wrestling legend Jim Ross and applied them to tonight's highlights. Take it away, J.R.! » 9/19/14 12:17am Today 12:17am

If You Build It, Football Snacking Dominance Will Come

Football is in the air, on TV, and on your mind. But football season is about more than cheering yourself hoarse every Sunday — it's also about taking your eating skills to the next level. So this year, go big by taking on the granddaddy of all football snack challenges: the snack stadium. » 9/19/14 11:59am Today 11:59am