WFAN Just Obliterated Mike Francesa's Most Effective Marketer

WFAN Audio, the internet's largest repository of Mike Francesa clips, was decimated today, as WFAN/CBS issued takedown notices on hundreds of YouTube videos. This is only notable to that small subset of the population who cares what Francesa's up to, but that's kind of the point—even fewer people are going to care… » 4/24/14 4:05pm 5 minutes ago

How To Use A Tampon, And Other Guidelines For NFL Cheerleaders

There are a few things you need to know if you want to be a successful Buffalo Bills cheerleader. "When menstruating, use a product that [sic] right for your menstrual flow," reads the "General hygiene & lady body maintenance" section of the handbook given to cheerleaders, known as the Jills. "A tampon too big can irritate… » 4/24/14 3:49pm 21 minutes ago

Press Release Touting Newer, Hipper Ronald McDonald Is Batshit Crazy

Ohhhhh, Darren Rovell. Oh, you picked the wrong day to be suspended from Twitter, amigo. Because McDonald's just issued a press release for a fully redesigned Ronald McDonald, and it is fucking nutty. They don't even bother trying to sound human. They went the full Poochie. Let's take a look. » 4/24/14 3:27pm 42 minutes ago

Original Script For Controversial Game Of Thrones Scene Very Different

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the rape scene from the latest episode of Game of Thrones, in part because it deviated so dramatically from the way it was depicted in the book. Thanks to Dan Abromowitz and HappyPlace, we now know that the original script had the scene playing out very differently. » 4/24/14 2:46pm Today 2:46pm

The Cubs' 400-Pound Wrigley Cake Is Sitting In A Dumpster Right Now

To celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th birthday yesterday, the Cubs commissioned "The Edible Confines," a 5'x5', 400-pound cake version of Wrigley. It took four bakers six days to make. It took one day to be unceremoniously trashed, much like a century's worth of Cubs fans' hopes and dreams. » 4/24/14 2:31pm Today 2:31pm

Awful Man Snatches Souvenir Baseball Away From Little Kid

Perhaps there will come a day when adults will stop stealing baseballs away from kids, but this is not that day. This dude right here is shameless, and has obviously never consulted this handy chart. Behavior like this is only acceptable if you are stealing a ball from this awful Australian kid. » 4/24/14 1:34pm Today 1:34pm

Pine Tar Should Be Fully Legal, And Baseball Is Still Fucking Insane

As you might know, Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda got booted from a game last night for rocking a swatch of pine tar on the back of his neck, in full view of everyone. The weird thing is that it wasn't the fact that Pineda used pine tar that got everyone pissy, but the fact that he did it so blatantly, at least… » 4/24/14 12:14pm Today 12:14pm

How To Cheat, Do Drugs, And Succeed At Baseball, By Dock Ellis

We're big fans of Dock Ellis, obviously, so we enjoyed this latest animated short, narrated by the man himself and excerpted from Donnell Alexander's Beyond Ellis D. Honestly, listening to Dock Ellis talk about drugs, cheating, and Gaylord Perry is almost as much fun as listening to Vin Scully talk about anything. » 4/24/14 11:44am Today 11:44am

LaMarcus Aldridge And His Jumper Are Here To Torment

Here's how good LaMarcus Aldridge has been against the Rockets in the first two games of their playoff series: When I first saw this obviously fake and joke-y shot chart on Twitter this morning, my first thought wasn't, "Haha what a silly and stupid thing that is." It was, "Yep. Looks about right." » 4/24/14 10:49am Today 10:49am

Grantland’s Jonah Keri on His Beloved and Extinct Montreal Expos

What if I told you that there was a fun-loving, oft-forgotten baseball squad that wouldn't earn five minutes in a Ken Burns documentary because they always leaned more "Pee-wee's Playhouse" than PBS? A team that featured announcers calling knuckleballs balles papillon (the latter being the word for butterfly in French),… » 4/24/14 10:31am Today 10:31am

Here's How To Enjoy The Playoffs When Your Team's Season Is Over

When the Novocain of March Madness wears off, a significant portion of basketball fans will be left facing the painful reality that their pro team's season is over. Fear not, fans! Embracing a multitude of teams and narratives is now a perfectly acceptable alternative to the tribalism of yesteryear. If your team is on… » 4/24/14 11:59am Today 11:59am